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Two-minute Tomato-Baked Chicken and Broccoli Cheese

Two-minute Tomato-Baked Chicken And Broccoli Cheese

Last night I couldn’t be really bothered cooking… and it yet it turned into an OMG yum dinner!

This recipe has all those yummy Italian flavours like tomatoes and cheese… without the pasta.

We eat cheese, but we don’t drink milk.. why? Because milk is full of hard-to-digest lactose… and hard cheese isn’t. The good bacteria used in the cheese-making process (specifically the species of Lactobacillus) actually consume the lactose in the cheese. So aged cheese is ok for us.

2 Minute Tomato Chicken Recipe by Jessica Green

2 Minute Tomato Chicken Recipe by Jessica Green

Two-minute Tomato-Baked Chicken and Broccoli Cheese

Jessica Green
All those yummy Italian flavours like, tomatoes and cheese... without the pasta.
Course Main Course
Cuisine Italian


Two-minute Tomato-Baked Chicken

  • 1 kg chicken breasts or thighs
  • 1 500ml jar of organic ready-made pasta sauce I used Jensen's

Broccoli Cheese (gluten-free)

  • 2 heads of broccoli chopped
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup homemade chicken stock optional
  • 2 T coconut flour
  • 1 T arrowroot this is an awesome cornflour replacement
  • 1 egg
  • 2-3 cups cheddar cheese
  • 1 pinch salt and pepper


  • Chop chicken into pieces and place on baking dish.
  • Smother in sauce and bake for 30 minutes of until chicken is no longer pink inside.
  • Lightly steam or boil broccoli.
  • Remove from pot and place in baking dish.
  • In pot add all other ingredients and whisk over heat until thick.
  • Pour over broccoli and cook for in oven for 15-20 minutes at 180C.


Served with some leftover sweet potato mash and my husband was very happy xx
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