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Jess Green is a recipe creator, certified holistic health coach and mum of four who is passionate about nurturing mums and children back to vibrant health.

Jess helps families eat more fresh fruit and vegetables – with easy fresh meal ideas and super-food snacks.

Her cooking classes and workshops both in-person and online are fun and informative, and teach nutrition tips and tricks to transform your family’s  health and well-being.

In her private clinic, Jess supports women to get back to vibrant health through a combination of diet, lifestyle and emotional tools to create more joy and freedom in daily life.

Before becoming a nutrition coach, Jess was previously a journalist with Channel Nine News and worked in public and media relations and for many years.

She is a busy mum of four kids with a FIFO husband, and loves yoga, jogging in nature and dancing with her kids.

Jess is also a life-long meditator and teaches meditation classes on a weekly basis in her home town.

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About Jessica Green Healthy Eating
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About Jessica Green Healthy Eating

Our journey to health

Our health story began in 2008 when my eldest daughter was born and nothing went right. She was an unwell baby who vomited every day and almost never slept. She cried constantly and I felt like a failure as a mum.

Doctors didn’t diagnose anything (“Oh you have a vomity baby? Nevermind. Some babies just vomit every day…) Actually, no they shouldn’t. Not really.

My beautiful baby with the terrible colic grew into a toddler with tummy pains, skin rashes, ear infections, urinary tract infections, and she was sick all the time.

Plus finally her exuberant energy and difficult moods intensified into ADHD.

We went to lots of doctors and pediatricians. We tried some diets that didn’t work. We removed foods. We had her allergy tested.

It was all so stressful. So exhausting. And left me racked with mothers’ guilt.

I began to read everything I could on gut health and nutrition. Finally I found a local naturopath who helped me and I began to understand that the diet I thought was healthy … wasn’t really healthy at all.

I had to try a completely different approach. I had to heal my daughter’s gut.

There wasn’t a lot of recipes around at the time back in 2012. Especially for kids with gut issues. So I began making them up. Tweaking them. Seeing if the kids would eat them.

The results for my daughter were magical. Within 2 weeks her behaviour had amazingly calmed down. Plus her stomach pains were easing.

We stayed on the diet for two years and my daughter started thriving. Her ADHD has been gone a long time and she has ZERO health issues.

I can’t believe how healthy all my kids are and none of them have been to or needed a doctor in 7 years.

When I changed the kids diet, I also noticed how food was affecting my own moods. On the new diet, my life-long anxiety and depression was gone. I was calm, happy and centred. This was good.

I am extremely grateful to the power of fresh foods and wholefoods to heal my children and my family.

Now I want to share this magic with you.

But don’t for a minute think we eat perfectly. We don’t!

Now days we are just a regular, busy family trying to balance having fun, eating well and treating ourselves. We eat takeaway, we cheat and we have fun with out food.

But I know the basics and if I keep getting the good stuff into my family and limiting the bad – we stay healthy and happy.

Sign up for my newsletter, try a recipe or come to one of my workshops – I’d love to meet you and make some yummy food together.

Much love Jess x

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Simple Changes for Big Results!

Fresh Food Family Diet E-Course by Jessica Green
Fresh Food Family Diet E-Course by Jessica Green
Fresh Food Family Diet E-Course by Jessica Green
Jessica Green Integrative Nutrition Healthy Pizza
Fresh Food Family Diet E-Course by Jessica Green
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